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Save your time, reduce cost and increase revenue
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Smart scheduling

  • Recommend the most suitable appointment time by client's address and traffic conditions intelligently.
  • Significantly save travel time and gas.
How it works

Optimize route

  • Optimize driving route to save time, gas and money.
  • Shows the route comparison after and before optimization, and how much time and driving distance saved.
How it works
appointment auto reminder
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Nearby clients

  • Fill available time and book clients that are nearby.
  • Show clients near existing appointments and their booking status. Give them a call and book appointments.
  • Show the distribution of customers, helps you make key decisions such as expanding your business.
How it works

Payment processing

  • Integrated with Square payment processing.
  • Do the math for you, no longer be bothered by calculating taxes, discounts and tips.
  • Simplifies checkout – no more switching between apps as your client waits.
How it works
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Intake form

  • Clients can input their own information.
  • Customizable questions can filter our by animal, breed, and more.
  • Collect and save customer credit cards, signatures, and documents.

Charge no-shows

  • Protect your precious time.
  • Reduce no-show rates.
  • Charge with cards on file.
appointment auto reminder
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Service areas

  • Help arrange your groomers and schedule appointments.
  • Select service areas with built-in zipcode data.

More features

We serve all size of pet grooming business in all tech-related industries with high-quality growth services which are presented below

Dedicated mobile app
Dedicated mobile app
Enable booking and managing appointments from anywhere at any time at your fingertips. Enjoy a smooth user experience with our native iOS and Android app.
24/7 online booking
24/7 online booking
Your online assistant, let clients book appointments with no interruption to your day, which helps you grow more revenue and save more time.
Built-in 2-way Message
Built-in 2-way Message
Send and Receive SMS text easily in GrooMore Message Center, no need to switch between different applications.
Rebook Reminder
Rebook Reminder
Remind you of customers you haven't seen in a while automatically. Re-engaging clients takes less time than ever.
Pet Vaccination Track
Pet Vaccination Track
Track pet vaccination, vet info, and health issues in one place.
Send Receipt
2-way Google Calendar sync
Appointment changes will automatically update to Google Calendar in minutes. Schedules in Google Calendar will be synced back as block time.
Commission Management
Appointment confirmation reminder
Allow clients to easily click a button to let you know that they will show up. Replace recurring manual tasks with automated reminders.
Customer Service
24/7 customer service
Need tutorials, or need help when using GrooMore? We're always ready for you. Don't hesitate to reach us.

Customer Reviews

Exceptional. Hands down the best software I've used in the grooming industry. I would recommend GrooMore to anyone in the field, mobile or storefront. You can customize and color code all kinds of things. The ability to adjust service times per pet is incredible. Customer service has been incredible. Prompt help and answers to the hundreds of questions my staff have. As an owner, I can track staff timecards and payroll. I have the ability to track inventory and add discounts for sales. Setting permissions for different employee roles is really helpful too. I really love this software.

Good Vibrations Grooming

This software has made my life so simple. I am the head groomer and therefore the busiest of the groomers as well as the scheduler. I find i now have plenty of time to schedule and groom without pulling long hours. Ease of set up. Easy to learn how to use and usability. Customers can schedule themselves and request availability. Numerous pictures before and after of pet is allowed. Extensive notes can be added and seen by all groomers. Map feature allows you to see potential route for the day. Reminders and automatic confirmations is a life saver.

Shearly Unique Pet Grooming

I have talked with GrooMore for at least a month or more before switching. Let me tell you... they listen to you. I have asked for something’s and they put them in the works for future app updates. Like seriously I asked for something and they had that done within days. They are very helpful. This is the first grooming software that actually is listening to us groomers. They are building out an amazing, easy to use software. I see a ton of groomers coming over to GrooMore!

Quick Paws LLC

Just what my business needed. This scheduling/grooming management app is awesome. So many features, profile picture for each pet, automatic reminders, online scheduling with smart scheduling (makes sure customers are close to each, eliminates zigzagging all over town). Tech support is by far the best I have come across. If I am having an issue or wanting a tweak to the system or recommendation to improve it for my business structure they have come through. Highly recommend. Love it

Clean Doggies USA


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